1. heartbloodspirit:


    Detail Of Ceramic In Abakh Hoja Tomb, Burial Place Of Muhatum Ajam

    Kashgar, Xinjiang, China

  2. Lia Melia

    Siren Song

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    Specimen box spore print #mycology (at The House of Wild Yarrow)

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    alexander mcqueen and céline f/w 2012 rtw, liu xiao xiang and liu lijun by jmo for harper’s bazaar china

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  6. handfulofchange:

    Illustration by Jazminny

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  7. Manish Arora F/W 07

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    Extreme close-ups of human eyes by Suren Manvelyan

    Eye muscles fill me with wonder and nausea at the same time.

    Me too, Laura. Me too.

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  10. mediumaevum:

    Emblematic Alchemy in English verse, with an English version of the Visio mystica of Arnold of Villanova – Ripley scroll*

    *Sir George Ripley (ca. 1415–1490) was an English author and alchemist.

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